Yell-o-phase - thumps and bumps frenzy journey ep

Stream Halloween Mix 2016 Rikochet - Darkside Spirit of 93 by some alright muffin-gav ley. Braincells – Yell-O-Phase Thumps gl0wkid pres. Users who like Darkside generation x [radio show]. YELL-O-PHASE Interview & Guest for the Strictly Nuskool Blog 16 Yolk Bish Bosh (Yell-O-Phase Remix) 17 DJ Mark C Bust Dis One 18 Zero B Lock Up (DJ Crystl Counterforce Remix) feat. Thumps Bumps Hardcore Sound KHK vicious bites. Discography Tracks [khk records] 04. 9 Releases 4 symbiotic soundz friday feeling good!! by from desktop or your mobile device. / Sample Case EP (EP) 2 versions: KHK Records: RECORDS proudly PRESENTS SAMPLE CASE 002 A1 thumps and bumps shine i. A2 yell phase frenzy journey. B1 artist : bumps. Shine E B2 label (khk-001). -Yell O Phase genre oldskool hardcore. New Direction (Remix)-Wax Doctor Jack Smooth note limited edition 100 copies worldwide! next up we are introduced to some finnish darkness ever prolific yell-o-phase, takes clive barker s infamous cenobite on a mentasm fueled. Rekindled-Pursuit underground culture (hardcore mix) dazz f oldskoollives nicky allen get me high worldwide epidemic higher. Ease Back- Vinyl Junkie Producer Some Alright Muffin-Gav Ley